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Reds’ Pham calls Padres Voit on Stephenson ‘dirty’, wants to settle score

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham called a collision between teammate Tyler Stephenson and San Diego Padres’ Luke Voit “dirty” and implied retaliation was possible.

” I do not like it. At all,” Pham said. “The way his hands hit him in the face – it was dirty. If Luke wants to settle this, I get along just fine. Anything – muay thai, whatever. Like I said, I have an owner here who will let me use his (boxing) facility. So fuck them.

Voit rounded the bases after a double from Jurickson Profar was hit in the corner of left field, and as Reds shortstop Kyle Farmer threw home, Voit collided with receiver Stephenson in front the plaque.

Stephenson’s mask and helmet were knocked off in the collision, although he retained the ball for the takedown.

A former catcher, Voit insisted he tried to avoid contact with Stephenson when he snuck into the house, and Padres manager Bob Melvin defended Voit, saying: “I think Luke was just trying to protect himself, throwing up his hands.”

“When I saw him on video again, I thought Luke might have done a bitter job of avoiding the tag,” said Pham, who played with Voit in St. Louis in 2017.

“I don’t like everything, they can say whatever they want – everyone on that side, they know I’m going down.”

The Padres beat the Reds 6-2. The two teams meet again Wednesday at 4 p.m., completing the third of a three-game series in San Diego.