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Red Carpet Far Right

Macronie is at bay. The speech by the President of the Republic confirms this, in the wake of consultations with political parties. Disavowed by a majority of French people, the head of state waved the proposal for a government of national unity as a way out of the crisis that he himself fueled. Before recognizing that this initiative was excluded. Emmanuel Macron is not General de Gaulle; the CNR he envisaged is the exact opposite of the National Council of Resistance. So, the tenant of the Élysée has returned to his great classics: political excess and labels. However, voters expressed the opposite at the ballot box on 19 June.

Deprived of free rein, the president had to recognize that the time had come for ” compromise » , but only within the framework of its reforms. He knows full well that he will receive an end of inadmissibility from the left. No matter, his strategy is to now shift the responsibility for the institutional blockage to his adversaries, summoning them to “clarify the part of cooperation” to which they must submit. Another lesson from his lightning speech: the “union” he calls for does not exclude the toxic force that is the National Rally. Since Sunday evening, the lieutenants of LaREM have not ceased to send rude glances to the 91 deputies of the far right.

The prize for indecency goes to deputy Éric Woerth. All shame drunk, he let it be understood that he would prefer that the presidency of the Finance Committee falls to the RN and not to the Nupes, which is however the strongest opposition current.“The rebels obviously have in mind to carry out tax audits. What I did not hear at the National Rally”,he confessed. Rather Hitler than the Popular Front, in short. It’s no longer food, it’s a red carpet rolled out to the far right. We knew with this election that the “republican front” was dead; he is well and truly buried now. With such a stepping stone, here is the extreme right propelled for the next presidential election, and even, in the event of dissolution, for early legislative elections.