Rat and mouse infestations on the rise in Quebec

Rat and mouse infestations are on the rise this year in Quebec and the problem will inevitably increase in the years to come, warn several pest management experts.

Specialists in extermination see the requests for intervention in the region increase by 30% to 65% compared to the months of August and September of last year.

« In Quebec, we see that it contrasts with the work as a whole, » notes Michel Maheu, general manager at Maheu&Maheu, in comparison with the situation in other regions.

Éric Sirois, pest management specialist, estimates that requests for intervention have increased by around 35%, just for September.

Mr. Sirois specializes in smoke testing, which helps to find the place where rodents manage to enter a building.

“Last year, we had one or two smoke tests per month. Currently, I already have 11 planned,” he observes.

At Exterminapro, requests are also on the rise.

“We are set to probably have a record year in terms of rodents and rats,” says Guillaume Nantel, supervisor and senior technician within the company.

Extermination specialists receive many requests for commercial and residential interventions this year.

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Extermination specialists receive many requests for commercial and residential interventions this year.

Excavation, pandemic and heat

Excavation work, long summers and aging sewer structures are among the factors that explain these increases in infestations, according to experts. And it’s not over in their opinion.

“With everything that will happen in the months and years to come in terms of excavation work, we can expect to see the rat problem grow,” warns Mr. Sirois.

He believes that with the work of the tramway, other displacements of populations of rats are to be expected.

Mr. Maheu points out that, where there is work, there will necessarily be a displacement of rodent populations.

MM. Nantel and Sirois also point to the pandemic, which has led to the prolonged closure of several premises.

“That, too, has contributed to creating a proliferation of vermin,” argues Mr. Sirois. They had free rein, access to food and no one to disturb. »

“During COVID, there were more people trying to solve problems on their own, which means that this year and last year, we had a lot more calls than before,” adds Mr. Nantell.

Old sewer systems can contribute to the problem.

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Old sewer systems can contribute to the problem.

bad surprises

MM. Nantel and Maheu add that several plumbing structures are coming to an end in Quebec. It could cause some nasty surprises.

“These networks can start to crack and allow rats to come out and start infesting certain places that have never even had a rat problem,” warns Mr. Nantel.

What to do in case of presence of rats?

  • Do not poison the rats, because they will die in the infested building, the access breach will not be found and the problem will not be solved.
  • Make sure to carry out sealing work on infested buildings, in order to no longer allow access to rats and other rodents.
  • Prevent rather than react in the maintenance of residential plumbing and around it, to ensure that structures are not cracked, and therefore do not encourage rat infestations.

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