Queen Elizabeth meets the Presidents

Audiences on both sides of the pond couldn’t get enough of the interactions between the Queen and the President – whoever he was at the time. And the queen was wise enough to recognize this fact and used it to strengthen the alliance.

« If the Atlantic unites us, not divides us, ours is a partnership to always be reckoned with in defending freedom and spreading prosperity, » she said during her visit to the George W. Bush’s White House in 2007 for his fourth state. dinner with an American president. “This is the lesson of my life. Administrations in your country, and governments in mine, may come and go… But we must always stick together.

These photos of Queen Elizabeth toasting the glass, banging her fist, shaking hands and riding with US presidents from 1952 to 2022 highlight how she tried to put that life lesson into practice again and again. Again.


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