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Quebec wants to improve “economic equality” between men and women

The Legault government will invest nearly $70 million over the next five years to improve equality between men and women in the job market.

This is the main objective of the Government Strategy for Equality between Women and Men 2022-2027, presented Thursday by the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest.

In total, this strategy provides for investments of $124 million over five years.

Most of this amount is dedicated to measures aimed at stimulating economic equality between men and women.

By injecting $69.6 million, the government intends to increase job diversity and reduce the wage gap between men and women, for example by increasing the presence of women on construction sites.

This amount will also be used to promote predominantly female jobs, in particular through awareness campaigns.

The government also wants to promote female entrepreneurship and improve women’s economic security.

It thus plans to reduce by 50% the indebtedness of beneficiaries of loan and bursary programs deemed to be full-time students with student-parent status.

The government’s strategy also aims to fight sexual stereotypes and promote work-family balance ($3 million).

Measures are also planned for the health and well-being of women ($5.8 million), such as facilitating access to menstrual products.

Lastly, funds are planned to fight violence against women ($2.1 million).

This strategy is the result of extensive consultation with government departments, organizations and citizens.

An Equality Partners Forum was also held in 2020, and working committees were formed by the Women’s Status Secretariat (SCF) to come up with recommendations, which were taken into account in the development of this plan.