Québec solidaire wants a woman president of the National Assembly

Manon Massé asks that a woman be appointed President of the National Assembly. The co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire hopes that François Legault will act in this direction. It would be a first in 20 years, since the appointment of Louise Harel (Parti québécois) in 2002.

The Blue Room has never been so close to parity as after the election of October 3, 2022. Of the 125 parliamentarians it has, 58 are female, or 46%. If more than half of the solidarity candidates were women, seven of the eleven elected deputies are men.

Only one woman has held the presidency in the history of Quebec, for a single year. It cannot remain an isolated fact, women must have more space in our political apparatus.

Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

“My request to the Prime Minister is very clear: we are in 2022 and there are more women in the National Assembly than ever before, it is high time that we finally have a president. We are there, ”said the MP for Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques.

It is also about trust in institutions, she believes. The future president – ​​or the future president – ​​of the institution will have to ensure good democratic representation, according to the left-wing party. Québec solidaire highlights the “distortion” between the popular vote and the distribution of seats in the Blue Room. “With the composition of this new legislature where the government occupies 72% of the seats despite 41% of the votes, we will need a person who is particularly unifying and dedicated to the proper functioning of parliament. I hope that François Legault will go in this direction by appointing a president with unifying leadership, ”says Ms. Massé.

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