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Quebec singer Karim Ouellet died of complications from diabetes: coroner

A coroner’s report revealed that popular Quebec singer Karim Ouellet died two months before his body was discovered in a Quebec City studio.

Coroner Sophie Régnière concluded that drug use prevented Karim Ouellet from properly controlling his diabetes, but he did not die of an overdose.

The singer’s body was found on January 17 after the landlord of his building called 911 to report a bad smell.

Other tenants last saw Ouellet alive in November 2021 in the building they shared where he rented a music studio.

Police saw no signs of violence on Ouellet’s body. He was declared dead, remotely, around 11 p.m.

An autopsy found traces of methamphetamine in his blood and elevated ketone levels, indicating diabetic ketoacidosis, serious complications of diabetes. If left untreated, the disease can lead to coma and death within hours. Cocaine was also found in the studio.

History of medical problems

According to his medical records, Ouellet suffered from type 1 diabetes, for which he was insulin dependent.

The singer also battled a substance use disorder.

According to the report, he started using cocaine recreationally in 2019 and quickly became addicted. In May 2020, he was hospitalized twice with diabetic ketoacidosis after neglecting his diabetes for almost a year. He did not explain to doctors why he had stopped taking care of his condition.

But the coroner’s report says Ouellet was hospitalized at 17 because he refused to take his insulin and had difficulty coping with diabetes. He was also afraid of hospitals.

In October 2021, he was found unconscious and admitted to hospital in Quebec due to severe hypoglycemia and intoxication. He refused treatment and left the same day despite the nurses insisting he needed to see a doctor.

The circumstances of his death lead authorities to believe that Ouellet died on November 15, 2021.