Quebec-Lévis tramway of the PLQ: work could begin in a first term

The Liberal leader says that work on her tramway project between Quebec and Lévis could begin in a first term, without however formally committing to it as the CAQ had done for the 3rd link.

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The Liberals’ plan provides for a link between the two shores only in a third phase of the tramway, but Dominique Anglade ensures that the work can go quickly.

An Anglade government would first launch an extension of the east-west line to reach Jean-Lesage airport, as well as Lebourgneuf and Charlesbourg.

In parallel, the existing studies on the Quebec-Lévis tunnel of the CAQ would be made public « within 100 days » and a specific study on a Quebec-Lévis tramway would be ordered for submission at the end of the first year.

“There is nothing preventing us from leaving all that, right away, in a first mandate”, launches the leader of the PLQ in an editorial interview with our Parliamentary Office.

Options under consideration

Thus, according to her, work could begin quickly for this project, which aims to replace the CAQ’s 3rd link project. “I don’t have a timeline to say: ah, it absolutely has to start in five years, in ten years, etc. In three years, could you already have something and say: we are going to start looking at this element in particular? Why not? If we are able to do it faster, so much the better,” she says.

“So could it be in a first term? It could be in a first term, ”she specifies, without committing to it.

Dominique Anglade does not exclude any option. The studies will be used to decide. “What are the different possible scenarios? Are you going over a current bridge? Are you going over another bridge? What scenarios are we putting on the table? “, enumerates Ms. Anglade.

She doubts the feasibility of a tunnel, saying that she has received negative opinions from experts at Laval University about the type of soil and the tunnel boring machine needed. « Technically speaking, I don’t see how it’s going to be possible, » she said.

« But if all the experts come back and say there is only one alternative and that’s the one, I’m going to trust the experts, » she said.

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