Quebec City is preparing for the Christmas “weather bomb”

Claiming to be actively preparing for the “weather bomb” announced for Friday and Saturday, the City of Quebec should activate its crisis unit in the coming hours and could cancel the Christmas holidays of certain municipal employees.

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This is what Mayor Marchand announced late Wednesday morning on the sidelines of a press briefing.

“We are waiting for information to find out how big this weather bomb will be that could attack us and what its impact will be and what we are putting forward,” he said.

While heavy rain and snowfall and very strong winds are expected from Friday, snow removal teams, firefighters and police will be on hand to ensure everyone is safe.

Particular attention will be paid to places where the river could overflow (the mayor cited the Dalhousie sector).

We will keep an eye on the risks of power cuts which could significantly complicate the situation. The municipal administration also promises to communicate well about snow removal operations – and street parking – during this period when family gatherings are in order.

The crisis unit, if officially activated, may decide to cancel the holidays of certain essential employees, the mayor said.

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As the storm could strike at a time of year when many municipal employees are on leave, Mayor Marchand agreed that the Municipality will have to « adapt ».

« I don’t feel vulnerable, » he assured, while agreeing that the City will have to rely on other organizations, such as Hydro-Quebec, if there were to be massive power cuts.

As several businesses will be closed on Sunday, December 25 anyway, Mayor Marchand invited citizens to “plan ahead” to have 72 hours of autonomy with regard to their essential needs such as food.

A press briefing from the City must take place on Thursday at 11 a.m. for an update on the measures to be put in place.

A historic storm is expected to hit Quebec in the next few hours.

Its precise trajectory and extent are not yet known, however.


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