Quebec City: Councilor Jean-François Gosselin surprised watching soccer in full session at City Hall

The councilor responsible for sports in the City of Quebec was caught watching Canada’s match at the World Cup of soccer, in full session in the council chamber.

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On Wednesday, Canada faced Belgium in its opening match at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This match fell in full when elected officials were gathered in the council chamber of Quebec City Hall, for a plenary session during which officials came to talk about the state of the municipal infrastructure network.

However, images from TVA captured Jean-François Gosselin’s computer screen, on which we could clearly see the field and the game in progress.

Councilor Jean-François Gosselin watching soccer in the middle of a session at Quebec City Hall.

Screenshot, TVA Nouvelles

Councilor Jean-François Gosselin watching soccer in the middle of a session at Quebec City Hall.

The principal concerned pleaded guilty, at the microphone of TVA Nouvelles. “I am guilty, I was unable to resist,” he admitted. If he wanted to be in the plenary, even if the subject is well known to him, he still opened his screen to watch the Canadian penalty kick live, in the eighth minute of play. unfortunately, but I didn’t miss that moment. I captured him, I’m guilty. I am able to do two things at the same time, I assure you. But go Canada, for the future!”

Asked about this misconduct, the mayor refused to blame the councillor.

“Before throwing the stone at an elected official who is not exactly on the job during city councils and plenary meetings, I will keep myself from being embarrassed. Because what I have seen, all parties combined, it happens that there are elected officials who go on Facebook, who make messages, who for personal reasons must respond to issues.

He admits it happens to him too. He assures that the elected officials, including Mr. Gosselin, “do their job”.

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