Quebec 2022: Laval will solicit candidates to make a difference

Laval Mayor Stéphane Boyer wants to meet with political parties in the coming days to put forward the City’s priorities: infrastructure, public transit, health and environmental protection.

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In particular, the City wants the three structuring public transit projects announced last May by the government to be launched. This is a high-level service bus, the extension of the western branch of the orange line of the metro and a public transport project linking the east to the west on the boulevard Saint- Martin.

In terms of housing, “Laval asks that the candidates commit to allowing the taxation of land speculation,” the City said in a press release.

In the environment, “the City is requesting financial assistance from the Government of Quebec to deploy the measures and actions provided for in the Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the GHG Emissions Reduction Plan, which will be launched within a few months” , she said.

As far as health is concerned, Laval wants the next government to mobilize to increase hospital capacity to meet the needs of the community.

I invite you to make these local commitments yours, said Stéphane Boyer to the candidates. The difference you will be able to make as an MNA for Laval is as essential as it is necessary. We count on you.”

Provincial elections will be held on October 3.


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