QS: advocate inclusion and ally with Islamists

In this election, Québec solidaire (QS) is displayed in particular as follows: “a country for everyone”. The implication is clear. The Parti Québécois (PQ), which supports secularism and for which I am campaigning, would be a xenophobic, even fascist party, as some qisists have said. [NDLR: membres de QS].

It’s fascinating how QS portrays himself as the champion of inclusion while anathematizing his opponents. However, if there is a party that flirts with intolerance, it is Québec solidaire.

Hate Imams

Take the example of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). Last year, she accused Bill 21 of being Islamophobic. However, it regularly invites hateful imams to its activities. At its last congress, there was one who already said that homosexuality deserves death. Another had already stated that a man has the right to beat his wife.

She also received in the past Tareq Al-Suwaidan. This Kuwaiti advocates the murder of Jews and has been banned from Italy and Belgium. Incidentally, he has already declared that France is a backward country and that French is a language incompatible with civilization.

All this to tell you that a motion had been tabled in the National Assembly to denounce the MAC. All parties voted for…except QS.

Solidarity anti-Semitism

A similar thing happened in the spring of 2021 during the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Demonstrations against this country took place in Montreal. Islamists shouted without complex: dirty Jews and death to Israel. They vandalized police cars. Plots against our fellow Jews have been foiled and arrests have been made.

The CAQ government, supported by the PQ and the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), then presented a motion denouncing anti-Semitism. QS declined to endorse. This party is ready to defend all minorities in Quebec…except the Jews!

Let us add that one of its candidates, Haroun Bouazzi, has given interviews in the past to the Al Jazeera channel. It has already aired reports saying the 9/11 attacks were a Jewish plot and others denying the Holocaust. She once had a talk show hosted by an imam who said that Hitler was sent to earth by Allah to punish the Jews. Bouazzi should never have given interviews to this news channel.


The most revolting example, however, is certainly that of Adil Charkaoui. Thanks to the Canadian Charter, he managed in 2009 to prevent the authorities from deporting him to Morocco (he was not yet a Canadian citizen). Françoise David then declared that it was a “victory for democracy”.

Charkoui was already a supporter of radical Islam at the time. His victory in court was nothing to cheer about. He has continued to pour out his gall ever since. Among other things, he supports the Taliban who hang homosexuals, stone adulterous women and murder Christians.

That’s it, QS. This party claims to defend gays, women and minorities, but refuses to distance itself from Muslim extremists in order to win the Islamist vote.


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