Public Health wants to be reassuring about the outbreak at Pierre-Boucher Hospital

The Public Health Department of Montérégie wants to reassure the population about the fungus candida aurisdiscovered in two patients at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil.

the candida auris is a mushroom of medical interest that has demonstrated its ability to be transmitted in healthcare settings. It is transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces or by direct contact between two people. Hand hygiene remains the best protection.

The hospital remains a safe place of care for employees and customers, says Public Health. The population should not hesitate to go there if their state of health requires it or if they have to deal with it.

The hatching of candida auris is well circumscribed in the hospital. The required infection prevention and control measures are applied there. These are substantially measures already known to hospital staff and put in place for other types of mushroom-like outbreaks.

As expected

All the activities of the Pierre-Boucher Hospital are continuing. Appointments are maintained and people who have to undergo surgery can have surgery as planned.

The Public Health Department is working in collaboration with the Montérégie-Est Integrated Health and Social Services Center to carry out the epidemiological investigation related to this situation. “I invite people who have recently visited the Pierre-Boucher Hospital, for various reasons, not to worry. Only the people who were present on the unit where the C.auris was found have been or will be contacted by our team,” assures Dr. Julie Loslier, director of public health for the Montérégie.


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