Public consultation on participation in municipal elections

The Commission for the Presidency of the City of Montreal (CPC) is conducting a public consultation to understand the reasons for the low participation rate of Montrealers in municipal elections. This public consultation will allow the CPC to identify what could increase this participation during the next elections.

The results of the consultation will be used by the CPC to make recommendations to the City’s elected officials, which will allow them, according to the CPC, to make « more informed » decisions.

To participate in this public consultation, simply answer the questionnaire on participation in municipal elections on the Ville de Montréal website. The Commission also encourages voters to submit their opinion in writing, by telephone or even by video to

These public hearings will take place so that Montrealers can express their opinion orally before public hearings and during the adoption of the recommendations, scheduled for November 15.

Registrations are compulsory. Deadline for registration and submission of the online questionnaire: September 20 at 5 p.m.

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