PSPP in the Islands: he claims to want to be Prime Minister

In the Magdalen Islands to observe the damage from Hurricane Fiona, the leader of the Parti Québécois assures that he does not concede victory to François Legault. He still wants to be prime minister, after saying last night that he would like to be leader of the official opposition.

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« I would like to be a constructive official opposition, » said Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, last night, to Everyone speaks about it. A direct and felt affirmation.

The leader briefly tried to collect himself, specifying a few seconds later that he would also like to be prime minister.

This morning, he ensures that he does not concede victory. « No, that’s not what I said. And luckily, there were two million people listening. I said: I want to be Prime Minister (…) I said it. And, at the same time, for the sake of honesty, we must name one of the possibilities, namely that we would give absolute power to François Legault and the CAQ”, tried to qualify Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon.

Have journalists and analysts misunderstood? « You’re the one saying that. It’s not me who says that (…) It’s your interpretation, « he breathed.

“What I had to say yesterday is that if I am given the mandate to be the official opposition, and that is up to the people to decide, it will be a solid opposition on the essentials .”

Attack against GND

PSPP says that if he is the leader of the opposition in Quebec, he « will not stage personal accusations and attacks » in order to « set the generations against each other to put on a show at the Blue Room , hoping to make the news in the evening.”

With this declaration, he directly attacked Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Québec solidaire and François Legault of the CAQ. « It was staged most of the time and it continues in the last days… Young against old. »

touching day

In the Îles-de-la-Madeleine in the company of outgoing MP Joël Arseneau, the PQ leader assures us that he absolutely had to move there and that there is no politics behind this gesture. The CAQ and the PQ are neck and neck in the riding, according to projections by Québec125.

« I think that no matter when an event like this takes place, you have to move and take the measure of what there is to do (…) We have seen it in other situations natural disasters, sometimes there are disaster victims who wait for months, there is no progress and they are forgotten. We our job is that no one falls into oblivion and that the files move forward, ”he said, emphasizing that he was moved by what he observes.

“It’s a full day and a touching day. You have to be there to hear testimonies from fishermen.”


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