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French soccer giants have been accused of unleashing social media trolls against their own players

French side Paris Saint-Germain have been accused of using fake social media accounts to attack several of their own players online, according to reports.

Star striker Kylian Mbappe is believed to be among several high-profile figures associated with the club who have allegedly suffered online abuse, which French outlet Mediapart says was orchestrated by figures from the Ligue 1 champions who allegedly employed a fraud agency. external social media to target players. when there were internal disagreements within the club.

Mediapart also alleged that he was the target of trolls employed by PSG, in addition to other players and even managers of rival French teams.

The report cites one such incident in early 2019 when Mbappe hinted that he might consider leaving PSG, after which he received a message from an account called ‘Panama team‘.

« The Parisian supporters love you very much, you know that“, he writes.

« You got your message across tonight… if you could press like that on the pitch.”

Another came several months later when Mbappe distanced himself in the media from a move to La Liga giants Real Madrid.

« Now work in silence and be discreet“said the same account.”No need for too many statements. We need a response on the ground.”

Paris Saint-Germain, however, distanced themselves from the allegations, telling Mediapart in a statement: « The club has never contracted an agency to harm individuals or institutions.”

The club added in subsequent comments to RMC Sport: “Do you really think we hire people to troll our own players? It has absolutely nothing to do with the club.

« We spent the last year renewing Mbappe with the biggest contract in world sport and involving President Macron, and you think we were trolling him at the same time?

The allegations against PSG come just days after reports surfaced that Mbappe had again informed the club of his desire to transfer to long-time suitors Real Madrid – months after signing a mammoth new contract with the Paris club.

Other reports indicate that Mbappe is unhappy with the club’s transfer strategy and the tactics used by coach Christophe Galtier.

the 23-year-old World Cup winner also reportedly complained of difficulties playing alongside striker partners Lionel Messi and Neymar, and told the club he preferred to play with a bigger target man like the striker from the Olivier Giroud national team.

However, it is currently considered unlikely that Real Madrid would consider renewing their interest in Mbappe, at least in the short term, after failing to persuade the France international to join them last summer.

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