Provincial federations want a meeting with Hockey Canada

The country’s 13 provincial and territorial hockey federations want answers from Hockey Canada, saying payment of dues will depend on getting answers.

The request is made in a letter published Thursday and signed by Claude Fortin, chairman of the board of directors of Hockey Quebec.

“Following the recent allegations (…) and in light of the information released in recent months on the actions taken by Hockey Canada, we were appalled and remain concerned (…) with regard to the alleged behaviors, as well as to the management and decisions made by Hockey Canada,” it read.

The letter contains a request for a « special meeting » with Hockey Canada, « as soon as possible. »

We want more information on the handling of sexual assault allegations stemming from an event in London in June 2018, the role the council played once made aware of it and the action that was taken.

The federations also want more details on Hockey Canada’s action plan announced on July 14, including the process behind and the content of the plan.

The letter says a written report on the plan and its rollout is required by November 30, in addition to being a condition of payment for the first round of contributions on December 1.

A subsequent report must be required by the end of March 2023 before the second installment of dues on April 1.


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