Prime Minister Trudeau attends Calgary Stampede events

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Calgary to attend several events, including a tour of the Stampede grounds on Sunday morning.

First, he stopped by for a brief appearance at the Stampede breakfast hosted by Calgary Skyview MP George Chahal.

Along with flipping some pancakes for the guests, Trudeau shared his best wishes for the greatest outdoor spectacle on Earth and the city of Calgary.

“I know the Stampede is an amazing time for people to come across the country, come together to celebrate, come together to eat pancakes and celebrate all things Calgary and the West,” he told the rally. . « I’m just incredibly excited to be here. »

He noted the past two years, which have made the Calgary Stampede look different due to pandemic health restrictions.

“We really saw the strength of community, Canadians leaning on each other, being there for each other and that’s what it’s all about. We face more challenges with the war in Ukraine, with the global inflation crisis, but at the same time, we see it time and time again, Canadians are mobilizing to be there for each other. »

Trudeau will then travel to the Calgary Stampede at 10:30 a.m. and later attend a fundraising event in Calgary at 1 p.m., where he is expected to deliver a speech.


While many Conservative Party leadership candidates, as well as interim leader Candice Bergen, attended a breakfast on Saturday morning, the party held its own annual event at Heritage Park later in the day.

Four of the leadership contestants were allowed to make remarks at the event, which was attended by many party loyalists.

The Conservative Party says it has around 675,000 members – the most it has ever had – and raised $11.5 million in the last leadership campaign.

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Bergen says the Conservatives must return to power in Canada and be proud of what they have done in the past.

“We are the party that built Canada and continues to build Canada,” she told supporters. “From Confederation and the railroad to the Bill of Rights, a national pension plan and universal child care benefits, it was all Conservative ideas that became Canadian policy.

« We should be very proud of that. »


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