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Presidential 2022 Calls against the far right

Odette Niles Officer of the Legion of Honor, former internee of the Châteaubriant camp

Mr. Macron, on Sunday April 24, I will put a ballot in your name in the ballot box, without any support for your project but out of loyalty to my fight against fascism and for youth.

In 1941, at the age of 17, I was arrested by French police, during an anti-German demonstration in Paris, on denunciation, because I was a young communist militant from Drance. I knew the interrogations, the confinement, the hunger, the cold for having wanted to defend my country and my ideas. But I also had the honor of meeting, in particular, Jean-Pierre Timbaud, CGT union leader, and Guy Môquet, a 17-year-old student like me.

I am, at 99, the last survivor to have seen them leave for their deaths, on October 22, 1941, screaming the Marseillaise. Guy Môquet left us, from the height of his 17 springs, a maxim which still today is my raison d’être: “Friends, who remain, be worthy of us, the 27 who are going to die. » Witness and actor of this painful period of the Occupation where the Nazis and their French servants, Pétainists, reigned supreme, I cannot accept that the theses of the far right are spreading again. I don’t want them to appropriate our tricolor and even less the Marseillaise, who gave my comrades the courage to go and face death for our France. I cannot let them present themselves as defenders of the fatherland when they glorify traitors of all countries and show so much contempt for our motto of the Republic: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” These values ​​which unite all democrats and all our population, resulting from the diversity of migrations, decolonization and conflicts.

Know that at my age, I will never lower my guard and allow you to take my vote for granted. I want what animated us in 1945, these “Happy Days” which forged Social Security, public service and the recognition of work, you carry them as a bulwark against hatred and fascism. Your youth cannot remain deaf to my journey and my words which will be a compass for generations to come.

Carine Picard-Nilès President of the Amicale de Châteaubriant. Voves-Aincourt-Rouille

Racism and fascism are not opinions but crimes punishable by law. We perpetuate, within the Amicale, the desire to unite, beyond political or religious differences, against all ideologies of hatred or violence. Have we ever seen members of far-right parties in the great protest demonstrations of the workers when they pride themselves on supporting them? Them, whose leaders are among the first fortunes of France. Sunday, April 24, I will therefore oppose a fascist enemy by putting out a bulletin for a political adversary whose liberal ideas I do not share, but whom I will fight firmly. To abstain would be consent to the extreme right.

Bertrand Badie political scientist Dominique Vidal Journalist

You voted Mélenchon, Jadot, Roussel, Hidalgo, Arthaud or Poutou. You regret that the left is not in the second round. You will obviously not deposit a Le Pen ballot in the ballot box. But you are tempted by abstention.

We could be too! Macron’s record is undoubtedly one of the most negative: a most arrogant manner, a policy favorable to the richest, the destruction of many social achievements, an often savage repression of protest movements, a France that has been defeated in the world… None of this makes you want to vote Macron. But can we let Le Pen pass? Because abstaining is mathematically voting for the RN candidate who is on the verge of victory! Because only the ballots cast count…

However, history shows it: between the right and the extreme right, it is never “white cap and white cap”. Both Italians and Germans in the 1920s and 1930s experienced this tragically, and all of Europe with them. At the start of the XXI and century, Americans, Hungarians, Poles and Brazilians also learned it the hard way…

You have to read Marine Le Pen’s program carefully: putsch against democracy and the rule of law, social regression, threat to freedoms, state xenophobia, denial of global warming, questioning of certain women’s rights, alignment on Putin. In short, the victory of the neofascists would entail a great leap backwards in all areas.

In particular, we have a responsibility towards our foreign brothers and descendants of immigrants. The referendum that Le Pen is planning targets them directly: national preference, restriction of soli, burial of anti-racist laws, threats to the press, denaturalization of certain French people, even the beginning of “remigration” – not to mention the symbol of this Islamophobia that is the prohibition of the veil in the public space… Which woman, which man of the left could assume in conscience this racism (un) worthy of Vichy?

Tomorrow, after the presidential and legislative elections, it will be necessary to rebuild a truly modern, united and pluralist left. In the meantime, in this second round, to block the road to French-style neo-fascism, we have – alas – only one instrument: the Macron ballot. Let’s all use it.