Power cuts imposed in kyiv after Russian strikes

The national operator Ukrenergo carried out s in kyiv on Sunday, to « stabilize » the supply of electricity, after repeated Russian strikes targeting the country’s infrastructure, we learned from a private company.

“On October 23, stabilization cuts took place in kyiv to avoid accidents,” explained the private Ukrainian electricity supplier DTEK, specifying that these cuts alternately affect the different districts of the capital divided into three groups.

They should not last more than four hours, DTEK said in a press release published on its site, without however excluding slightly longer durations « due to the extent of the damage ».

DTEK again called on residents to use electricity sparingly and businesses to limit their use of outdoor lighting.

More than a million Ukrainian homes have been left without electricity following Russian attacks on electricity infrastructure, the presidency of Ukraine announced on Saturday.

For the past ten days, Russia has been increasing its strikes on the Ukrainian network, resulting in the destruction of at least a third of its capacities, just before winter.

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