Pond Inlet’s Carver reflects on his art being used in the Canadian Soccer League’s top-flight awards

A well-known artist from Nunavut has carved an award for the Canadian Premier League.

Reuben Komangapik’s sculptures will be presented to some players from Canada’s top soccer league.

Komangapik, who is originally from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, but currently lives in Ottawa, created musk ox and walrus figurines for the prizes.

He said he felt honored that a top league reached out to him.

« I feel really privileged and proud, » he said.

Komangapik says he has chosen to carve a muskox to represent leadership – this sculpture will be presented to a « Player’s Player » of the Year, the recipient of which will be voted on by other players.

« We chose him because he [the muskox] has been here since the Ice Age and… it was a leader when they took on a different shape – they form a circle and then one of them shoos the predator away like a wolf,” Komangapik said.

Meanwhile, the walrus represents the defense, which will be presented to the league’s « Defender » of the Year.

Rueban Komangapik is the sculptor behind the Muskox Player of the Year Award, presented by the Canadian Premier League, a professional soccer league. (Canadian Premier League website)

« It’s a really awesome creature, » he said. « He is able to defend his child in the water even against killer whales and polar bears. »

The seven awards that will be presented by the league are designed and made by Inuit – each is a unique piece of soapstone Inuit art carved by artists from Kinngait and Pond Inlet.

League awards are given out on different dates in October.


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