Poll reveals chances for scandal-ridden Johnson to beat Labor

The former British leader is the most popular Tory politician, but he still won’t beat his political rivals, according to a Daily Mail survey

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would do better against Labor in an election than any other Tory politician but still lose, a Daily Mail poll has found.

« Boris Johnson retains a level of electoral magnetism far exceeding that of any of his party colleagues – despite the months of scandal, intrigue and infighting that brought down his post as Prime Minister this summer, » wrote the newspaper on Sunday.

His new poll showed that if speculation over Johnson’s return as prime minister materializes and he manages to stay in office until the general election in early 2025, Labor could only secure a majority of 26 seats in parliament. of the vote. However, this gap can be reversed during the electoral campaign, underlines the Daily Mail.

If the Conservatives stand in the election with Rishi Sunak in the lead, Labor would claim a majority of 124 seats, according to the survey.

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Ukraine endorses Johnson for UK PM – then backtracks

But it would still be far better than if Liz Truss, who resigned on Thursday after just six weeks as prime minister, could stay in her post until the vote. Keir Starmer’s party would have won a record majority of 320 seats had they faced him in an election, according to the poll.

Reports that Johnson was plotting his return to 10 Downing Street surfaced in the media the same day Truss announced his resignation. The former prime minister, who was vacationing in the Dominican Republic with his family, flew to London on Saturday.

Johnson, who had served as prime minister between 2019 and 2022, was forced to resign in early September, following a series of scandals and a wave of resignations in his cabinet. Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he has become one of kyiv’s most vocal supporters in the West, developing close relations with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and advocating for a military solution to the crisis.

A YouGov poll on Friday showed 48% of Britons want to see Starmer as head of government, with Johnson winning support from 35% of respondents.


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