Politics between reason and passion

On Thursday, Prime Minister Legault felt compelled to repeat how difficult it was to form a cabinet. Difficult to disappoint the two thirds of its deputies who did not become ministers.

However, his cabinet is proof that despite what he says, François Legault is totally in control of his troops and capable of hurting some of them.

François Legault has appointed an English-speaking Quebecer (whose father is Trinidadian and mother is native Quebecer), the jovial Christopher Skeete, to enter the Council of Ministers as Minister for the Economy, Minister responsible for the Fight against Racism and minister responsible for Laval.

You had to think about it. An Anglo with economic responsibility goes without saying. But giving him the task of fighting racism shows that François Legault is inspired, perhaps unwittingly, by the maxims of Machiavelli.

Because, in the current context, a Quebecer of white origin would have had less credibility vis-à-vis English-speaking and racialized communities.

Let’s be sure that the new minister, who is so relaxed and friendly, will be able to live up to expectations.


François Legault also had the good idea to entrust his Minister of Finance, the competent Eric Girard, with responsibility for relations with “English-speaking Quebecers”. The political talent of François Legault is again verified here. He wants to appease the English-speaking community so far from the CAQ, knowing that this appeal to Anglos could displease his most nationalist wing.

To make people forget the verbal excesses towards immigrants, the Prime Minister, no doubt filled with unacknowledged remorse, was able to find the ideal candidate in the person of Christine Fréchette, appointed Minister of Immigration, Francisation and ‘Integration.

This new minister, a 20-year-old friend of François Legault, has worked in the economic sector.

Bilingual, she also speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

How will François Legault navigate so that his party, a coalition, succeeds in finding a balance between nationalists, sovereignists (ex-PQ for the most part) and federalists on issues that can antagonize both others ?

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The strength of the CAQ is in the image of the grip of its leader. The latter seems to have regained the hair of the beast since his re-election and his opponents, QS, the PLQ and the PQ, do not easily manage to destabilize him. Especially if QS and the PQ do not win their bet by refusing to take the oath to King Charles III.

François Legault had trouble disguising his pleasure in being the leader of his troupe. If he wants to, he can solve the problem of the oppositions who still do not want to hang out in front of parliament.

The official photo of the new government taken yesterday at the National Assembly projects a reassuring image that is diversified and almost egalitarian except for one minister.

The firm is made up of men and women in the prime of life, experienced, educated and obviously eager to surpass themselves. All smiles on Thursday do not announce mad love. The brawlers distinguished themselves and the ready to elbow each other betrayed. Politics is not a spa. She does not sleep. It bewitches some and sometimes reveals heroes and even idealists.


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