Policy. A petition calls for the departure of three ministers accused of homophobia

In the gay magazine Stubborna petition signed in particular by around fifty left-wing deputies calls for the “departure” of three ministers, whom they accuse of having a “Demonstration past for all” and of being “notorious LGBTQIAphobes”.

“The president, elected to block the homophobic extreme right, adds to his government two faces of the Manif pour tous: Ms. Caroline Cayeux, Minister Delegate for Territorial Cohesion and Mr. Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecology and of the energy transition”, can we read in this text published on Monday. Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, meanwhile participated in the Manif pour tous in 2012. « We demand the departure of these three ministers who are spokespersons for the movement of hatred and rejection », asks the petition. On the initiative of LFI deputy Andy Kerbrat, the platform was notably signed by the rebellious parliamentarians Ugo Bernalicis, Mathilde Panot, Danièle Obono and Adrien Quatennnens.

My words hurt many of you. I deeply regret them

The petition recalls remarks made by these ministers at the time of the Manif pour tous, anti-gay marriage movement. « Madame Cayeux, senator in 2012, described marriage for all as a ‘whim’, ‘a disrespectful openness to nature and senseless' », one can read.

Remarks on which Caroline Cayeux explained herself on the Public Senate channel on Tuesday, saying “assume” them. But later in the day, she backtracked in a tweet: “My words have hurt many of you. I deeply regret them, they were naturally inappropriate. Equal rights must always be a priority in our action. »

The forum also pinpoints Christophe Béchu, current Minister for Ecological Transition, who for his part « signed at Valeurs Actuelles (…) a forum » against gay marriage, which « speaks of a ‘blurring of the original benchmarks' » . The text also explains that he « made the decision to withdraw » in 2016 in his city of Angers, « posters of an HIV prevention campaign on the grounds that they presented couples of men ». The city councilor then explained that he wanted to « protect the youngest children from visuals and messages » whose « content and form » could be considered « provocative ».

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, who participated in the Manif pour tous in 2012, then declared that as mayor of Tourcoing, he « will not personally celebrate


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