Police shoot suspect after 4 injured in late night machete attack on Granville Street in Vancouver

Vancouver police say they shot and injured a man who allegedly stabbed four people with a machete on Saturday night in the Granville Street area.

Police say they were called to the intersection of Granville Street and Smithe Street around 10:00 p.m. PT Saturday after a man allegedly set fire to his suite at a rooming house.

He then attacked four people with a machete in the building, according to VPD.

β€œHe set his room on fire with gasoline and he came out into the lobby with a machete and started attacking anyone who got in his way,” said Crispin Bryce, the general manager of Siesta Rooms, the home. of rooms above the Roxy Cabaret where the incident began. .

Bryce says the man waved his gun at the police.

The police then shot and injured the man, who was arrested. They say he is hospitalized with serious injuries that are not life threatening.

Bryce says the suspect was a longtime resident in his 40s.

« He was pretty calm, » he said. « He paid his rent, he was left alone but he had his problems. »

All four victims are hospitalized with what police describe as serious life-altering injuries.

Bryce says the victims include a security guard, two residents and a rooming house visitor. The police did not confirm their identity.

The VPD shot and injured the sole suspect in the incident. They say he set his room on fire before stabbing people. (Susana da Silva/CBC)

The Roxy Cabaret issued a statement who said he had to close due to the incident « at a nearby business ». Police officers were seen entering and exiting the club with forensic equipment.

A criminal gang surrounded the bustling Granville Street area for much of Saturday night as police investigated the incident. Bloodstains could be seen in the nearby alley and on the sidewalk.

Bryce said the attack left some residents and staff nervous, although he said safety was always a concern when working in a rooming house.

« I’ve never seen anything like it, not up close and personally anyway, » he said.

« There’s a kind of possibility that always hangs in the air. There could be violence at any time, but it’s something you get used to. »

The VPD says its major crimes section is investigating the incident. A concurrent investigation is also being conducted by the Office of Independent Investigations, which reviews incidents involving the police that result in serious injury or death.

Mayor issues statement

Late Sunday, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart sent a statement thanking Vancouver firefighters and police for their quick response and offering condolences to the families of the victims.

He called on the provincial government to do more to tackle prolific offenders and « address the dire need for more mental health services. »

« The shortcomings of our mental health and criminal justice system not only fail our public, but also our first responders and law enforcement partners, » Stewart said.


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