Police offer new details about Paul Pelosi assault


« It’s wrong, and everyone should be disgusted, » he added.

David DePape broke into the house through a back entrance, Scott said. Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door, and were let in by a stranger. They discovered that DePape and Pelosi were wrestling over a hammer, and after asking them to drop the gun, Scott said, DePape took the hammer and « viciously attacked » Pelosi.

Police took DePape into custody and said he will be arrested for attempted homicide, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault causing grievous bodily harm, elder abuse, causing grievous bodily harm to the elderly, deterring a victim, threatening a family member of a public official, and damaging or preventing a communication for an emergency call.

Pelosi underwent successful surgery for skull and arm fractures.

The emerging portrait of a politically motivated attack by a man who consumed fringe conspiracy theories shocked San Francisco and stoked new concerns about elected officials facing violence.

Although authorities have not detailed a motive, DePape’s online history indicates that he subscribed to the discredited narrative that the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate and espoused a range of bigoted and radical beliefs. He expressed anti-Semitic views and appeared to embrace the QAnon movement, which posits that a secret cabal of pedophiles was protected by those in power.

Scott also credited emergency dispatcher Heather Grives for recognizing something was wrong when Paul Pelosi dialed 911, allowing police to respond.

« What he said, she felt there was something more, » Scott said.

POLITICO reported earlier Friday that Pelosi was able to dial 911 after telling the intruder he needed to use the restroom, then called from inside, where his phone was charging.

White reported from San Francisco; Wu reported from Washington, DC


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