Poland to distribute radiation tablets in schools – media – RT World News

Polish teachers have been asked to distribute anti-radiation iodine pills to students in case of emergency. Local officials say they are preparing for a possible nuclear incident, adding however that such a scenario is rather unlikely.

Marek Plesniar, the head of the National Association of Education Management Personnel (OSKKO), told the Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Friday that teachers have been instructed that in an emergency they should distribute tablets of potassium iodide, which help prevent radiation poisoning.

He added that some were told they would have to distribute the pills within six hours of an alert.

Warsaw City Hall spokesman Jakub Leduchowski told the newspaper that authorities were preparing for a possible nuclear threat. However, he said that currently “The risk of a radiological event is minimal.”

Poland and Ukraine share a border. Poland’s Interior Ministry said on Monday that potassium iodide tablets had been sent to regional fire departments after “The media report fighting near the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant” in southern Ukraine.

Russian troops seized Europe’s largest nuclear power plant shortly after Moscow launched a military operation in late February. Moscow and kyiv have since accused each other of bombing the facility, which continues to operate with local personnel.

Officials in the town of Energodar, near the plant, said on Tuesday that its cooling system had been damaged in the shelling.

Russian parts of the Zaporozhye region are among the territories holding a five-day referendum on joining Russia, which began on Friday. Ukraine and the West consider the vote illegal and have said they will not recognize the result.

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