PnB Rock’s girlfriend breaks silence after death

By Mona Khalifeh,

PnB Rock’s longtime girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang is speaking out a month after the rapper, whose real name was Rakim Allen, was fatally shot at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in Los Angeles. Sibounheuang took to Instagram to share how she felt a month after the tragic incident.

« I don’t agree 100%. If I wasn’t spiritual I might kill myself (but then I’ll go to hell and my man not there) My man saved my life, Throwing me under this table. I’m not supposed to be here, but because of him. I am. No one would be able to handle this. TBH, I can’t even handle this, » shared Sibounheuang, who was at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. when the shooting happened.

The Philadelphia hip-hop entertainer was having dinner with his girlfriend when thieves approached him at his table, took items from him and fled into a waiting car in the parking lot. He was later pronounced dead in a hospital – something Sibounheuang said she didn’t find out until hours after the incident.

« Witnessing what I saw and continuing to see it in my head, being kicked out of the restaurant, not being able to go to the ambulance or the hospital, car keys, purse and my phone left me been kidnapped, forced into the back of a police cruiser, locked in an interrogation room all night, while all of this is going on and being the last person in the world to know that my man hasn’t survived after having the faith and trust that he was,” she continued, detailing more about what happened on that tragic day.

Sibounheuang, whose post came with videos of her and the late rapper, also spoke about their relationship being « finally perfect » for their family. The couple welcomed their first child together, Xuri Li, in 2020. Allen was also the father of his daughter Milan.

« I felt that this time in my relationship everything was finally perfect for our family. My man had given himself to GOD. Did a full 360. He was loyal. He was patient. He was docile and a teacher. J was finally letting go of the past and letting it appear as her changed self. My last day with you. I said to you « I know you my husband ». I know you my soul mate. It was even for a little while. At least we got to experience what it’s like to have a soul mate…and for that…I’m grateful,” she added.

The social media influencer admitted she has been struggling since Allen’s death, adding that it takes « so much prayer » and « spiritual therapy » to do the simple things in life now.

« It takes so much prayer and spiritual therapy to gain the strength to do the simple things in life now. They say your angels come to visit you, but I feel like mine is still there, it doesn’t must not stop. This life we ​​live on earth is only temporary before arriving in heaven or hell. Where we will spend eternity. The only thing that matters in this short life is the LOVE, everything else is irrelevant… you can’t take NONE OF THESE THINGS with you. The devil is unleashed on earth,” Sibounheuang said, before closing the post. “I will never understand a loss so close. . I feel so empty. My world is dark now. My heart is broken for the children. Cover me with strength, grace and vision to continue for the family. Shed light on this world in these dark times. Let your power overcome evil. The pain is real. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how famous you are, how spiritual you are. Some pain is inevitable.

Late last month, a man and his teenage son responsible for Allen’s murder were arrested and charged with murder. The Associated Press reported that an FBI-run Fugitive Task Force arrested 40-year-old Freddie Lee Trone in Las Vegas. Trone had been charged that day with one count of murder, two counts of second-degree robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit theft, the district attorney’s office told the publication.

Trone’s 17-year-old son was also arrested and charged with the same charges.

Allen was best known for his 2016 song, « Selfish, » which peaked at number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 30-year-old rapper also collaborated with YFN Lucci on the 2017 track « Everyday We Lit. » Her most recent work, « Luv Me Again, » was released last month.

After his death, his label, Atlantic Records, told ET in a statement, “PnB Rock was more than an artist. To many, Rakim Allen was a great friend. He was also a wonderful father to two beautiful little girls. This news is close to our hearts and we all suffer from this senseless loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time. »


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