Pink elephants! | The Journal of Quebec

Don’t worry, I haven’t taken any illicit substances. I’m just breathing in the scent of the first election promises, and already, I’m high…

It smells like fresh dollars

Substantial tax reduction. Check to be received. Solving the housing crisis.

Family doctors for all. Home care for seniors. teachers in all classes. Daycare spaces.

In 2022, we are still being sweetened by candidates for the election.

However, there are promises like artificial paradises; we dream, we fly, but alas the “buzz” is ephemeral, and the awakening, brutal.

The circus begins!

What rabbit are our candidates going to find coming out of their hats?

How to manage to surprise us with the same sleight of hand, for ages…

Hello constituency visits, rallies, spaghetti dinners or corn roasts, door-to-door, meetings with elders, baby talk…

From time to time, a debate of ideas, a sensational declaration. All interspersed with sessions of stoning of the adversary.

Elect me! I am the most beautiful, the most beautiful, the finest, the best, the most honest, the most true. Only my party offers you bright tomorrows. The other is weak, devious, incapable, forget it!

What’s new in recent years?

The field of social networks where battles between parties are also fought. Trolls infiltrate the trenches, distilling gall. A nuisance…

What does the candidate want?

See us at the polls on election day in order to draw our cross in the right box.

In a democracy, we use the same old method to manage to lure us out of our burrows.

We are served the same salad, a clever cocktail of commitments. So, hovering on the cloud of promises, we see pink elephants? Alas no, these are only election signs.


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