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Pinar Selek |  Humanity

Perpetuity! Turkish sociologist Pinar Selek learned on Tuesday night of her conviction by the Supreme Court, twenty-four years after the explosion at the Istanbul spice market which left 7 dead and 121 injured. This decision comes after four acquittals – the last dates from 2014 – systematically overturned following referrals on appeal. “Eight years to decide on perpetuity! How can we still conceal the political nature of this condemnation? » reacts the researcher. The judicial harassment targets the activist for rights and freedoms, feminist and researcher who was interested in the fate of the Kurds. Exiled to France in 2009, after being imprisoned and tortured, Pinar Selek now resides in Nice. She teaches at the Côte d’Azur University and remains determined to continue the fight. A resistant.