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Piers Morgan announces return to television for the first time since Meghan Markle rant

Get ready…he’s back for more.

Piers Morgan has announced his long-awaited return to television after his infamous rant about Meghan Markle which saw him storm the set of Good Morning Britain.

As Morgan prepares to launch his new TV show next week, called ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’, the host takes a quick trip down memory lane as he visits UK morning show ‘Lorraine’.

Teasing more outrageous views and controversial stances, Morgan announced he would be ‘live and definitely uncensored’ during Thursday’s TV appearance, before digging into the ratings of ‘Good Morning Britain’ after he left.

The TV presenter, 57, quit his job last year for refusing to apologize to Markle and Prince Harry for his controversial comments.

After tens of thousands of people complained about his remarks on Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, he made the decision to step down after six years.

Morgan stormed off the morning show set after an on-air argument with meteorologist Alex Beresford over his comments about Markle.

He tweeted“I’ll be back on ITV tomorrow for the first time since the Markle debacle…live and definitely uncensored.”

“Should be fun… (may even zoom back to @GMB while I wait, and grab those notes),” he added.

Last year, Morgan questioned the sincerity of Markle’s disclosures after telling Oprah she had had suicidal thoughts while at the palace.

The former GMB presenter, who has a well-documented thorny relationship with the Duchess of Sussex, doubled down on his comments about his disbelief at Markle’s claims of racism and suicidal thoughts, the day after she quit the ITV show .

When Morgan announced new details about his upcoming return to television, he said in a statement that he was “forced to quit a job I loved at the height of his success for having the audacity to express an honest opinion”.

According to The Sun, Morgan added that he wanted his new show to serve as a “platform for lively and vigorous debate, the interviews that make the news and that increasingly taboo three-letter word – fun”. I also want it to annoy all the good people.