Pierre Poilievre’s Big Tent: How Pierre Poilievre won the battle for the soul of the Conservative Party

This week in “It’s Politics”, we focus on the leadership of Pierre Poilievre. First, we’ll take a look back at the divisive leadership race and Poilievre’s big win. Next, we’ll meet Yan Plante, former chief of staff to Transport Minister Denis Lebel in Stephen Harper’s government, and Mélanie Paradis, longtime adviser and deputy campaign manager to Erin O’Toole during her run for leadership, to discuss Poilievre’s early days as Leader of the Official Opposition, his messages and his electoral coalition and what to watch for as he leaves his mark on the party.

In this episode: Toronto Star reporter Stephanie Levitz, Hamish Marshall of the Pierre Poilievre leadership campaign, former Conservative staffer Rudy Husny and Philippe J. Fournier of 338Canada.com, and Vice President of TACT Yan Plante and Texture Communications President Melanie Paradis, both former senior Conservative advisers. Hosted by Althia Raj.

Thank you this week to Toronto Star reporter Kieran Leavitt, as well as CBC, CPAC, CTV and Pierre Poilievre’s Facebook page.

“It’s Political” is produced by Althia Raj and Michal Stein. Sean Patton mixed the program. Our theme music is by Isaac Joel.

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Althia Raj is an Ottawa-based national politics columnist for the Star. Follow her on Twitter: @althiaraj


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