Philippe, Isaack and Félix are removed from « Double occupation »


Strongly criticized by viewers and abandoned by some of its sponsors, the production of reality TV Double occupation announces the withdrawal of bullying candidates from its edition in Martinique.

The announcement was made Wednesday in a press release. “Candidates, and their families, will be supervised and supported to cope with this turnaround”, it is underlined. The production specified to the To have to that they were Philippe, Isaack and Félix.

Remember that since last week, viewers of the popular reality show broadcast on Noovo accuse the production of having trivialized the intimidation of which the candidate Jonathan would have been the victim on the part of other participants, to inflate his ratings.

The show’s producer Julie Snyder apologized to the candidate last Wednesday, and her team announced on Sunday that the participants will soon receive training on « non-violent communication » given by the author and screenwriter India Desjardins as well as the professor of didactics at UQAM and expert in intimidation Stéphane Villeneuve, to whom The duty spoke last week. He recalled the social role that reality TV must play.

Sponsors dissociate

But that did nothing to change the anger of fans who continued to criticize the production and the candidates deemed « problematic » on social networks. This also did not prevent certain sponsors on Wednesday from wanting to disassociate themselves from the show.

“We believe bullying has no place in society and on television for any reason. We also believe that respect, well-being and cohesion should be put forward, ”said the Shop Santé team on its social networks on Wednesday morning, announcing the end of its partnership with reality TV.

Bound by legal obligations, the sports supplement company clarified that it could not put an end “immediately” to its partnership, but assured that it would not renew the agreement “for all the seasons to come”.

In the process, other sponsors of the show announced in turn to end their partnership with OD for the next seasons, citing the same reasons as Shop Santé. This is the clothing brand Oraki, the mattress company Polysleep.

The Cook It meal box delivery company, also a partner, told the To have to “to be in reflection on the subject”. She nevertheless wanted to « condemn the actions of intimidation posed by certain candidates » of the show.

Further details will follow.

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