Peel police officer who won Ontario Medal of Bravery faces assault charges

A longtime Peel Regional Police officer is facing two counts of assault and has been suspended without pay, police said on Tuesday.

Peel Police say the charges were brought after an investigation into an alleged off-duty assault outside the area.

const. Jason Beccario faces two counts of assault.

In accordance with the Ontario Police Services Act, Peel Police say Const. Beccario was suspended with pay.

Beccario will appear in court in Brampton at a later date. A Police Services Act a hearing will be held following the criminal proceedings, the force said.

An accused constable won the Ontario Medal of Bravery in April

Beccario was one of two officers to receive the Ontario Medal of Bravery in April.

Beccario and another Peel Police officer were recognized « for their professionalism, confidence in their training and ability to control a chaotic event » in a 2016 Brampton shooting.

Peel Police say a suspect was « uncooperative, resisted de-escalation efforts, physically resisted and attempted to assault officers. » When Beccario and the other officer tried to arrest the man, he pulled out a gun and shot the officer.

Constable Manikosh Pathak (second from left) and Constable Jason Beccario received the Ontario Medal of Bravery in April 2022. Photo: Peel Police.

“As Constable Beccario and Constable [Manikosh] Pathak drew their firearms, the suspect fired several more shots at the officers,” a Peel Police spokesperson said in an April 2022 news release.

“Despite multiple attempts to shoot and kill them, Constables Pathak and Beccario showed incredible courage and dedication to protecting the community by continuing to pursue the fleeing suspect while under arrest. fire as other officers arrived at the scene. »

The suspect was eventually apprehended and charged with attempted murder.


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