PCQ: these vultures that roam around Duhaime

We recently learned that an « internal war » was beginning to rage around the Conservative leader, Éric Duhaime.

Dissatisfied with the last election campaign are beginning to make themselves heard, accusing the leader’s entourage of having led to the electoral defeat, or denouncing the way in which the leader himself conducted this campaign. Rumors say that dirty laundry will be washed at the next post-election meeting to be held in Drummondville.

It is all the same that these activists have decided to make themselves heard now, in 2022. Where were they in Adrien Pouliot’s time – when the Conservative Party of Quebec was altogether non-existent – ​​in terms of funding, membership, visibility, candidates and ideas?

Where were they with their clever strategies and their ambitions for the right-wingers when the PCQ collected a meager 1% of the votes?

Now that the party’s financing will amount to one million dollars a year, and therefore to four million by the next election, the vultures are coming out of their hole.

Whether we like Éric Duhaime or not, whether we appreciate his ideas or not, not recognizing the miracle he managed to perform is not only showing bad faith, but quite simply living on another planet.

Who would have thought, two years ago, that Mr. Duhaime was going to take a political vehicle in ruins and transform it into a racing car capable of entering the race of the greats? The PCQ may not have a deputy to represent it in the National Assembly, but it came close to doing so, especially in Beauce! That alone deserves respect.

Are there adjustments to be made in the message, the quality of the candidates chosen, the ideas and the way of communicating them? Obviously! Moreover, all parties should do this exercise. Is it time to question Éric Duhaime’s leadership? Absolutely not.

The glue and paint on the car tinkered by Éric Duhaime are not quite dry. Kicking the flimsy cabin could cause it to revert to its primal state: a kitty that everyone runs away from.


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