Paul Rudd reaches out to bullied boy after classmates fail to sign yearbook

Beloved actor Paul Rudd has sent a middle schooler a heartwarming letter of encouragement, promising the 12-year-old boy ‘things are looking up’ after classmates refused to sign his yearbook at the end of the school year.

Brody Ridder, who just completed his sixth year at the Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster, Colorado, was devastated in May when his yearbook was left nearly blank of signatures and wishes for the summer ahead.

Brody told KDVR that he had already endured a long and difficult year of being bullied.

His mother, Cassandra Ridder, posted a photo on Facebook of her son’s yearbook pages, empty except for a few signatures and a note from a teacher.

Brody wrote himself a note: « Hope you make some more friends – Brody Riddler. »

Rudd wrote a letter to Ridder after their FaceTime.
Cassandra Cooper/Facebook

The heartbreaking message went viral, and thankfully a superhero came to Brody’s rescue – the Avengers’ very own Ant-Man.

Rudd, 53, heard about Brody’s story in June and contacted him personally on Facetime, according to Facebook posts by Cassandra Riddler.

A few days later, Rudd sent Brody his own autographed Ant-Man helmet with some wise words of encouragement for the middle schooler:

Brody Ridder and Paul Rudd on FaceTime
Rudd found out about Brody’s story after his mother wrote about it on FaceBook.

« It was great talking to you the other day. It’s important to remember that even when life is tough, things get better. There are so many people who love you and think you’re the coolest kid ever – me being one of them! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’re going to do, » he wrote, signing « Your mate Paul. »

He wrote on the helmet: « To my good friend Brody for when he takes on the world! » and signed him as both « Paul Rudd » and « Ant-Man ».

In a screenshot Cassandra shared on Facebook, Brody messaged Rudd saying, « You’re my favorite superhero, » and the actor replied, « You’re mine. »

« Guys no more tears, » Brody’s emotional mom wrote after receiving the package. “Paul Rudd is an incredible human being. Brody and Paul are on good texting terms now.

Rudd sent a letter of encouragement and a helmet to his biggest fan.
Along with the letter, Rudd sent Brody a signed Ant-Man helmet.
Cassandra Cooper/Facebook

Cassandra told the Washington Post that her son was bullied by his classmates.

« There are children who pushed him and insulted him, » she told the newspaper. “Brody has been through a lot.

Brody received widespread support from his school and local community after his mother’s post gained traction.

According to KDVR, local high school students rounded up as many students as possible to fill Brody’s yearbook with more than 100 signatures and notes, even though they had never met him.

He also received a personal video invitation from the cast of Dear Evan Hansen to come see a performance of the show on Broadway.

He told the local outlet he was skeptical those who initially turned down signings would become his friends next year, but doesn’t think it’s impossible.


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