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PART OF THE SOLUTION: Vaccinations on the menu at Barberians Steak House

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World-renowned Toronto steakhouse restaurateur Aaron Barberian has something new on his menu next week.

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Speaking from inside his huge underground wine cellar of more than 15,000 bottles at his downtown restaurant, Barberian said he had the idea to hold a low-barrier vaccination clinic next Thursday at his restaurant on Elm Street.

He wants to show his support and gratitude to all the frontline restaurant and hospitality workers who have provided services since the start of the pandemic.

The service industry has been hit hard with multiple closures due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting everyone, including high-end restaurants like Barberian’s.

“What we’ve seen is the description of the restaurant industry as we are part of the problem,” Barberian said. “And I don’t believe we are part of the problem.”

“I believe we are part of the solution. So opening it as a vaccination clinic is part of that solution.

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The idea started ruminating in his mind some time ago and he eventually reached out to Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg, general manager of emergency management, asking “how can we do this”.

Pegg was all for this all happening to help everyone they can and it will be done in conjunction with the University Health Network.

“So I want to open my doors and lead and show that we are all part of the same brotherhood. And we can do it together,” Barberian said.

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The clinic will provide injections to those who need them their first, second or third dose — and you won’t need to make an appointment or provide proof of address or ID. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We will get you those vaccines and get you back on the road,” Barberian said.

Barberian hopes to see lines pointing to the front of his restaurant and down the block to the hospital row.

In addition to famous steak dinners, it usually serves fine Cabernets, Chardonnays, Pinots or Sauvignons. But the vintage of vaccines on offer will be a mix of Pfizer for 18-29 year olds or Moderna for 30+ year olds.