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Parents in Ontario will only be notified if 30% of school is absent due to COVID

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Students and staff in Ontario schools and daycares will each get two quick COVID-19 tests after schools return to in-person learning.

The tests will be distributed from next week first to staff, then to children in day care centers and to students in public primary schools, followed by secondary students.

Provincial officials say more testing will be provided when the offer allows.

People with symptoms should use two tests 24 to 48 hours apart and may return to school with negative results once their symptoms improve.

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Ontario school boards can alternate between face-to-face and remote days or combine classes, if necessary, to minimize school closures due to staff absences linked to the virus when schools reopen next Monday.

Schools will now have to report daily data on staff absences to local public health units to monitor disruption in schools now that the province has limited access to testing.

Officials say public health will notify families if 30% of the school is absent, although they noted that it will not be confirmed if all absences are due to COVID-19.

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