Pandemic Travel: How Canadian Airlines Are Cutting Flights

Two of Canada’s largest airlines have announced measures to deal with delays, cancellations and service issues.

On Wednesday evening, Air Canada announced that it would make adjustments to flights over the next two months to address « customer service deficits. » And on Thursday, WestJet reaffirmed its « very measured » strategy to maintain service this summer.

Here’s what the two airlines announced.


Air Canada sent an email to customers Wednesday evening announcing a reduction in flights the airline will offer in July and August.

In an emailed statement to CTV News Channel, an Air Canada spokesperson said the company would reduce its schedule by an average of 154 flights per day for July and August. Before that, Air Canada said it was flying about 1,000 flights a day.

The company said the most affected routes are flights to and from hubs in Toronto and Montreal. Air Canada will reduce the frequency of these flights over the summer, primarily affecting evening and late-night flights on the airline’s smaller planes.

Air Canada is also suspending three routes this summer. The spokesperson said the airline will temporarily suspend routes between Montreal and Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Kelowna, and Toronto and Fort McMurray.

International flights will remain mostly unchanged except for schedule changes which the spokesperson said would reduce peak hour flights and improve passenger flow to these destinations.

While Air Canada President Michael Rousseau acknowledged in the email to customers that this will have a ‘negative impact’ on some passengers, he said he hopes this notice will allow travelers to make alternative arrangements. for their summer travel plans.


In a statement posted on its website on Thursday, WestJet said it would also operate fewer flights to ensure the company « can maintain a stable operation. »

WestJet says it will operate 25% fewer flights this summer, taking its services from an average of 700 flights per day to an average of 530 flights per day.

The airline’s statement also says the company is carrying out « extensive planning » to ensure its flights are « all flying at peak performance ».


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