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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will lead ‘annexationist, violent and racist’ cabinet, PA says

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry called on world leaders to « reject all transactions » with the government of new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In his latest policy document, Netanyahu promised to expand Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands.

“The State of Palestine rejects the annexationist, violent, racist and ethnic cleansing guidelines of the new Israeli government,” the ministry said in a statement Thursday evening, adding that it considers “this agenda poses an existential threat to the Palestinian people and their inalienable and inviolable rights.”

“The international community must assume its responsibilities and reject any dealings with a government engaged in the perpetration of international crimes, including annexation, political persecution and racial discrimination,” the statement continued.

Netanyahu – who had previously served five terms from 1996 to 1999 and from 2009 to 2021 – was sworn in again on Thursday. His party, Likud, is the main partner in a coalition of nationalist and Orthodox Jewish factions, which has been described in the media as the most right-wing Israeli government in history.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu released his government’s guiding principles — a public statement of his intent in office.

According to a translated version published by The Times of Israel, these principles include a statement by the « exclusive and inalienable right to all parts of the Land of Israel », including the disputed Golan Heights and the Judea and Samaria region, which encompasses the entire West Bank, claimed by Palestine but occupied by Israel since 1967.

Netanyahu’s government « will promote and develop the establishment of » these territories, while specifically leading « a wave of implementation, development and promotion of initiatives » in the Golan Heights, the document says.

The United Nations and the majority of its members consider Israel’s construction of Jewish settlements on these lands to be illegal.

The guidelines also include promises to « to reinforce » Israeli security forces, to strengthen the maintenance of order in Arab communities and to « Continue the fight against Iran’s nuclear program. » The document makes no mention of the peace process with the Palestinian Authority, stating instead that Israel « to promote peace with all our neighbors while preserving Israel’s security, historical and national interests ».

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