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Instead of the annual effervescence, the summer period acts as a downtime in the office. A break therefore, which is obviously not total for those who remain.

Are you concerned? This period allows you to free up time that you do not usually have.

How about using it for storage? Like putting order on your workstation but also cleaning up and lightening your overloaded email? This is enough to feel lighter and make a particularly zen « back to school ».

Break the habits

Use this time also to meet your colleagues – from other departments, for example – interns or apprentices with whom you never take the time to sit down. A coffee here, a lunch there, a drink at the end of the day… it’s all about taking the time to live.

And the next day, if you take public transport, get off one or two stops before your usual station, just to walk in the cool in this park that you never took the time to observe in the early morning: for a good dose of fresh air before starting the working day.

Evening ? Take advantage of the extended summer days to resume sport: walking, running, cycling or swimming?

As would be the case on vacation, it is a question of finding occupations that you are not necessarily used to doing in normal times. To break the routine, in short.

Knowing also that the period is conducive to the preparation of your holidays, which will not fail to arrive at one time or another.


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