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Ottawa Senators get another shot at a LeBreton Flats arena

The National Capital Commission (NCC) has once again signed a deal with the Ottawa Senators that would bring a new NHL arena to LeBreton Flats near downtown Ottawa, years after the failed his plan to do the same.

He announced a memorandum of understanding with Senators-led Capital Sports Development Inc. to work on a mixed-use development on Albert Street between Preston Street and City Center Avenue.

The work remains to be done on the plans by the chosen group. The NCC said it aims in the fall of 2023 to enter into a long-term lease. The City of Ottawa will also need to approve the plans.

A previous arena plan fell apart in 2018.

How we got here

In April, amid rampant speculation that an arena might be on the way, the NCC only said “several locations” for “major attractions” had been submitted after its 2021 request for proposals.

“We have a lot of interest in getting it right… Expectations, I think, on the NCC are high for these sites, so we want to make sure we take the time to get it right,” the CEO said. CCN, Tobi Nussbaum. journalists at the time.

Thursday’s announcement came after the NCC finalized its assessment and due diligence process and began 60 days of negotiations with potential developers.

Residents didn’t have a chance to weigh in ahead of the NCC’s selection of a preferred developer, but Nussbaum noted in April that residents had already discussed what they wanted to see in LeBreton during public consultations for the LeBreton Flats Conceptual Master Plan in 2019.

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