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O’Toole opposes Quebec’s “vaccine tax”

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is opposed to the “vaccine tax” proposed by Quebec, arguing that the government must continue to encourage vaccination without seeking to “punish” the unvaccinated.

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“We are not a country that traditionally punishes or taxes people in this way,” O’Toole said during a live Facebook presentation Thursday night. “I don’t like to see measures like the ones we see in Quebec.”

Mr. O’Toole blames the government of Justin Trudeau, because he believes that if the provinces impose restrictive measures to control the spread, it is because the “tools” are missing.

“It’s possible for the fifth wave to manage the pandemic with tools like rapid test screens, masks, social distancing and a very high level of vaccination,” he said.

The Conservative leader last week opposed the imposition of measures that were too restrictive to oppose the Omicron variant.

He asks the government to put in place “reasonable accommodations” for Canadians who still refuse to be vaccinated, because their absence in certain sectors of the economy could hurt.

This is particularly the case of truckers, he believes. As of Saturday, they will have to be doubly vaccinated to return to Canada, at the risk of having to be placed in quarantine for a period of two weeks.