Opening of a temporary dialysis unit in Amherst

Starting next week, Nova Scotians traveling to New Brunswick for dialysis will be able to get their lifesaving treatment closer to home. A temporary six-station unit will open Monday, September 19 at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Center in Amherst.

“Frequent travel for treatments like dialysis can be difficult for patients and their families,” said Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness. « This temporary unit will serve the area until a new permanent solution is in place. »

Eleven Nova Scotians traveled to Moncton several times a week for treatment.

The temporary unit will remain in place until the Cumberland Regional Health Center redevelopment project is complete. Plans to upgrade the facility include a new 12-station dialysis unit, which will add to the three dialysis units currently in operation in the North Health Zone.


I have been on dialysis for almost 11 years and am thrilled to now be able to do dialysis in Amherst. Receiving treatment three days a week in Moncton means leaving home in the morning and returning in the evening. It’s been very long days. I am now only 10 minutes away from my treatment. I would like to thank the Nova Scotia Health Renal Program and everyone involved in installing this unit at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre.
Eric Black, dialysis, Cumberland County

Fast facts:

  • the province allocated $900,000 to establish the temporary dialysis unit
  • the unit can accommodate up to 16 patients, with capacity increasing to 24 patients after the first year
  • the three dialysis units currently in the North Zone – at Colchester East Hants Health Center in Truro, All Saints Springhill Hospital and Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital in Pictou – provide care for 98 patients
  • dialysis patients receive treatment three days a week and treatment lasts four to five hours


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