Ontario: Niagara hospital treats 23 patients affected by acid leak

Niagara Hospital Network says it is treating up to 23 patients at its St. Catharines, Ont., site after a hazardous materials incident that paramedics say happened at an auto factory.

The network asks the community to avoid the emergency department at this site unless absolutely necessary while the hospital handles the influx of patients.

Niagara Region Emergency Medical Services said it was called to the THK Rhythm Automotive plant on Tuesday after contract workers working on equipment were exposed to a cloud of hydrochloric acid vapor that was released after a concentrated leak.

Niagara Medical Services spokesman Bryce Brunarski said paramedics found three people who were directly exposed to the vapor cloud.

He claims that these three people were decontaminated by the staff of the establishment and rushed to hospital in stable condition.

Mr Brunarski added that paramedics took nine other people to hospital with minor exposure. Ten other asymptomatic people who had had limited exposure to the leak were taken to hospital on a city bus.


This dispatch was produced with the financial assistance of the Meta Exchanges and The Canadian Press for the news.

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