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Ontario Conservatives plan to increase workers’ compensation if re-elected

Injured workers currently receive 85% of their pre-injury wages

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The Ontario government says it will increase compensation for workers injured on the job, but the proposed change won’t come into effect until after the provincial election.

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The Progressive Conservatives say they are ordering the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Board to come up with a plan to increase payments to 90% of pre-injury take-home pay.

Injured workers currently receive 85% of their pre-injury wages.

Labor Minister Monte McNaughton, who is due to announce the plan today, says the government is making the roughly $1 billion decision now that there is a surplus of funds at the WSIB.

He says inflation affects everyone and that workers deserve to be paid fairly.

A legislative amendment will be necessary to set the new rate of compensation.

The government says it will introduce this amendment in the fall, which means workers could start to see increases in 2023 if the Conservatives form government again.

The announcement comes as the province pays rebates to employers from surplus WSIB funds, which the government announced earlier this year.

The pay rise plan is also the latest in a series of pro-worker government measures ahead of the June election.

All the major parties have promised to further raise the minimum wage if elected.