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Going back to 9/11

Everyone remembers what he was doing the day of September 11, 2001, when the United States was hit by the worst wave of attacks in its history and the public watched simultaneously, with their eyes glued to the screen, terrorist attacks. More than twenty years later, recent documentaries propose to go back in time to discover a new facet of this painful period of American history, the images of which continue to haunt people’s minds. September 11: in the heart of chaos reveals to viewers never-before-seen images of the two planes that crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. For two episodes, the documentary plunges back into the effervescent streets of southern Manhattan on that sunny Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001 thanks, in particular, to images captured by the inhabitants of the district. It is precisely 8:46 a.m. when the first Boeing crashes into the North Tower, under the astonished gaze of passers-by. If we first believe in an accident, the second impact on the South Tower half an hour later confirms fears of a large-scale terrorist attack.

One of the main highlights of the visual and sound archives compiled in September 11: at the heart chaos is undoubtedly the transcription of the atmosphere of incomprehension, helplessness and panic that reigned in the place, plunged into the darkness of a cloud of ashes after the collapse of the towers. Recorded exchanges between the crews, the rescuers, the witnesses, the victims and the survivors complete this fatal and striking picture.

The documentary The Anthrax attacks, which mixes exclusive interviews and scripted sequences, returns for its part to the complex investigation of the FBI classified in 2008 in the case of envelopes contaminated with anthrax. In an ultra-paranoid post-attack era, bioterrorism is tormenting the United States this time: remember that at the time, five Americans died and around fifteen others were injured after being targeted, a week after 9/11 .

September 11: in the heart of chaos
ICI RDI, September 14 and 15, 8 p.m.

The Anthrax Attacks

Netflix, from September 8

Rémi-Pierre Paquin knows how to receive

Rémi-Pierre Paquin’s return to school is busy. The actor is indeed the headliner of two new shows that explore the flavors and art of living in Quebec. In the docu-series At Rémi’s cottage, he receives his relatives and makes them discover his native Mauricie, to which he is still very attached, by offering them various local activities in the company of his family. If in the first episode, Patrice Robitaille discovers the joys of fishing, cutting logs with a chainsaw and cycling in tandem, a dozen other guests, such as Julie Le Breton, Pier-Luc Funk and Catherine Brunet, are expected. to Remi’s cabin throughout the season.

In To drink and to eat, Rémi-Pierre Paquin is surrounded this time by host Vanessa Pilon and culinary designer Lindsay Brun to introduce the spectators and their guests to Quebec gastronomy. The trio travels the four corners of the province in search of the best products and the most succulent pairings. While visiting some of the 1,500 farms in Lanaudière, Catherine Trudeau and Benoît McGinnis, the show’s first participants, go in search of the perfect porchetta and purple asparagus while revealing themselves, the meal time.

At Rémi’s cottage
Z, starting September 7, 8 p.m.

To drink and to eat
Télé-Québec, starting September 9, 8 p.m. and on cuisinez.telequebec.tv

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