On the way to the elections: a couple united even in politics

While some couples avoid discussing politics, this unites Catherine Provost and her husband Pierre Vanier.

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“I am the Parti Québécois candidate here in L’Assomption,” explains Ms. Provost, who has decided to make the leap into politics, to a merchant.

But she is not the only one in her family who is running for the next elections.

« My spouse is a candidate in the Assumption, » says Pierre Vanier, Mrs. Provost’s husband, to a citizen. Mr. Vanier is the PQ candidate in the neighboring riding of Rousseau.

The couple’s four children will also take part in the campaign to help their parents.

« It’s really comical because our children say: ‘It’s going to be funny putting up posters, but it’s going to be our parents' », laughs Catherine Provost.

In the riding of L’Assomption, Ms. Provost will have to fight against the current premier, François Legault.

“I see it as a great challenge. Since Mr. Legault left the Parti Québécois after only six months when he was elected, in 2008, and that he caused a partial, I have a little sure taste in the mouth, ”she testifies.

“The hill is high to climb, but there are prime ministers who have been beaten after one term. Madame Marois, not to name her. So these are things that can happen, ”believes Mr. Vanier, sitting alongside his wife.

Believing in their chances, this couple hopes to have the support of citizens in order to be elected. He will try to convince people by October 3.


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