Okanagan Falls residents report shooting Saturday night


RCMP swarmed a usually quiet neighborhood in Okanagan Falls on Saturday night after gunshots reportedly rang out.

Several residents posted on an Okanagan Falls News and Events Facebook page saying they heard gunshots near the corner of Maple Street and 10th Avenue around 10 p.m. Saturday night.

Resident Denise Krickemeyer says she was walking home when she heard sirens.

“We went to turn on our street and they blocked everything with a whole bunch of police cars, criminal gangs like blocking the whole road,” Krickemeyer said.

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RCMP investigate ‘targeted shooting’ at Kelowna gas station

RCMP investigate ‘targeted shooting’ at Kelowna gas station

« One of the witnesses who were there put on our Facebook page that they spoke to the mother, and the mother said her son was shot and taken to hospital. »

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According to Krickemeyer, the incident happened at a « well-known » house in the community.

At this time, the severity of the injuries and whether RCMP have made any arrests is unknown.

Global News has contacted the RCMP for more information.

On Sunday afternoon, Maple Street reopened but a house and a mini-ton remain behind the police tape.

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Armed and dangerous suspect apprehended

Armed and dangerous suspect apprehended – July 7, 2022


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