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Oilers-Flames: a series like no other

The second-round series between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers won’t be like other playoff matchups.

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At least that’s the opinion of striker Milan Lucic.

“The history, the rivalry, all that kind of stuff makes it all feel more amplified,” the Flames veteran said Tuesday at a press conference. Fans feel more engaged, emotions are stronger, media and stories are more intense. Everything is more amplified.”

“As an athlete, you want to experience that and it’s a reality in which you have to have fun,” added the man who wore the colors of the Oilers from 2016 to 2019.

It will be the first time the Flames and Oilers have faced each other in the playoffs in 31 years and the sixth installment of the “Alberta War” in the playoffs.

“That’s what brings people together,” Flames head coach Darryl Sutter said. When you say “Alberta war”…how many people are there in Alberta? Four and a half million, perhaps? To remind those who are not from Alberta, we became a province in 1905, I believe. So it’s been 116 years. What brings our province together? Three things: first sports, second church, and third music. Think about it. It’s sport that brings Alberta together right now. People can cheer for the Oilers or the Flames. It’s sport and it’s great.”

“It’s great for the league,” continued the 63-year-old Albertan. It’s great for Alberta, especially with what’s happening with COVID-19, oil, the stock market and agriculture. We’ve all had it over the past two years. So it’s good to see that energy and all the positives. It’s really awesome.”

Game 1 of the “Alberta War” kicks off at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night. The duel will be presented on TVA Sports.